To put this motto of our client Berlin Business Location Center into a modern and intuitive application, virtualcitySYSTEMS has developed a new and innovative form for the web-based presentation of location-based topics: the virtualcitySTORY. The application was presented for the first time at the international real estate exhibition MIPIM in March this year, and received high user attention.


Based on a combination of web content, images and videos enriched with corresponding views of the Berlin 3D city model, the guided and interactive tour gives a comprehensive overview of Berlin’s most exciting future places for science and business that hold tremendous development potential. This way of presenting content together with location-based data helps to communicate the relevant information more easily and clearly, and provides a completely new user experience.


The application has been realized on top of our high-performance and flexible 3D web mapping technology and the 3D city model of Berlin.


virtualcitySTORY - Tell your own city stories


Tell your own stories in the context of your 3D city model. With our virtualcitySTORY, the geo-presentation and communication of your topics and stories comes into focus.


A virtualcitySTORY combines web and multimedia content such as texts, images or videos with the 2D/3D map layers of a virtualcityMAP to an interactive and easy-to-use application. By using your 3D city model, your content is put into its urban and spatial context and intuitively enriched with location-based information. A virtualcitySTORY can, of course, be displayed and used in any modern web browser.


Our comprehensive virtualcityMAP API gives you full control over the map content of a virtualcitySTORY in a flexible and context-sensitive manner. For example, when a user scrolls through your texts, camera flights or changes of perspective in the 3D city model can be triggered automatically, 3D objects can be dynamically styled or even exchanged, and 2D/3D map layers can be switched on or off.

 virtualcitySTORY Tell your own city stories


A virtualcitySTORY offers a great variety of new possibilities to use your 3D city model and spatial data, for instance, in supporting decision making, for communicating urban planning and designs, or for the transparent presentation of various facts about your city tailored to different target audiences such as citizens, companies and public administration.


Simply get in contact with us if you want to tell your own city story in an impressive way. We are looking forward to realizing your virtualcitySTORY together with you.


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